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I'm pretty sure most female viewers will enjoy this toy-free production a lot. Out of all Viv's movies, I think this one displays the most genuine acts of lesbian lovemaking. This is mainly due to Lisa and Nelly, who are playing the lesbian couple here. The scenes between them are sparkling with electricity, and it's as far from "straight girls pretending to have lesbian sex" as it possibly can be.

In Unfaithful, Lisa seems to have the perfect relationship together with her girlfriend Nelly, who's young, beautiful, committed, and deeply in love with her. Lisa has her doubts though, and she has decided to see a therapist in order to straighten out her thoughts. While opening up to her therapist about her concerns, we get to see three flashback scenes with Lisa and Nelly. In the first one, they're having some morning sex before Lisa takes a shower and gets herself ready for the day.