Sophie Moone

Sandra Shine




Stella Stevens
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Volume 1:  Scene 1-3      Volume 2:  Scene 4-6

Six Days With Vera is made up of two volumes, each consisting of three beautiful 30+ minute scenes! The two volumes are sold separately.

All scenes take place in Vera's Budapest apartment, and it's a fictional look at six days in her life. I guess it won't come as a surprise to you when I say that every scene is absolutely great.

The production quality of Viv's productions is improving with every title being released. This has created a problem for me though. When I watch Six Days With Vera, I sometimes tend to forget about what the girls are doing because I'm in such awe of the quality of the production. Take for instance the bluish luminance being used in this first scene, it's just stunningly beautiful. I remember what Lewis wrote to me once: "The way forward is not nasty, hardcore, pushy sex. It's slow, relaxed, real sex which we shoot as beautifully as we can." I can safely say that Six Days With Vera is proof that they're living up to their goal.

Day 1: Vera is relaxing in her bed when her cell-phone rings. It's Sophie Moone, a friend of hers, who's calling. She asks Vera what she's doing and if she could come and visit her. When Sophie later arrives, Vera has fallen asleep, and Sophie wakes her up by giving her a soft lip-kiss..