Penny Flame

Silvia Saint

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Viv's production team has described Sisters as an experimental production. It has a pronounced cinematic feel with more focus on characters and plot. It starts off really well in this sense with a scene where the two sisters, Jo and Kylie, argue with each other the way siblings often do. Jo is upset that Kylie is watching her while she's getting dressed. Later when it's revealed that Jo plans to go and see Penny, even though their parents forbade her to, Kylie says to Jo that she will tell them about this.

After Jo has left, a very unhappy Kylie decides to go up to Jo's room and look through her belongings. She tries on a pair of Jo's panties, and then lies down on her bed. There she begins to slowly touch herself, and the panties never come off. Kylie then finds the DVD Searching for Silvia in Jo's drawer, and she says to herself: "Naughty girl..". She pops in the DVD, and as she begins to watch it, the scene ends.

The movie is really good up to this point, but unfortunately the cinematic feel is somewhat lost after this. We do get to see beautiful girls having sex with each other, however, so who am I to complain?