Eve Angel

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Sex Tapes is an excellent idea for a new series. Viv has released four videos so far. I've watched three of them: Sandy and Anita Pearl, Lisa and Blue Angel, and this one with Jo and Eve Angel.

These videos are very personal in style. The girls are themselves, and we get to see them not just having sex but also hanging out with each other while we follow them on a normal day, hear them talk about their work, or see them at home. It's one of the things that sets Viv Thomas apart from other producers. Over the years, productions such as this have allowed us to get to know the girls on a personal level. They're not just anonymous beautiful faces.

One other thing that struck me when watching these videos is how unchanged Jo, Eve and the others are. They've been working for Viv for eight years or more, and they're still the same wonderful persons as they were back in 2001 when I first saw them. It must be pretty unique in this business that they, first of all, have been staying with a producer for so long, and second of all, that they haven't begun displaying a typical "porn star behavior". Just look at what happens to the girls who enter the U.S. porn industry...

Viv and his crew have obviously established a very friendly and respectful relationship with the models, and have encouraged the girls to be themselves and not just sexy adult models. I also strongly believe that the decision most of Viv's regular models have taken, to only work with girls, has helped keep them unaltered by their profession.

Here in the first part of Jo and Eve's video, they're filmed while spending a day out in Budapest. They visit a Christmas bazaar where they eat, drink, and look at all the stands. Jo also buys a pair of gloves. The Christmas bazaar is the same one I went to when I was in Budapest two years ago! It was such a nice bazaar. It didn't feel as cheaply commercial as the ones we have here in Sweden. They even had blacksmiths there working with their metal. The cups which you see Jo and Eve drink Hot Wine from, you get to keep afterwards. The cup is included in the price you pay for the Hot Wine, and I took mine with me back home. After the bazaar, Jo and Eve go ice skating on an outdoor rink.