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Silvia Saint was probably the biggest name in the European adult movie business, but a couple of years ago she decided to retire. Now she's back in Viv Thomas' new movie Searching for Silvia.

I have watched some of Silvia's earlier "girl-girl" scenes, and they've always been less than convincing, but not because of Silvia lacking interest in other girls. No, it was because she always had to play the role of a bad porn-queen. She clearly wasn't herself in any of the scenes, and I remember thinking to myself that it's a shame we will never get to see her have genuine sex with another girl. Now we can! In Searching for Silvia, she has two fantastic toy-free scenes, one with Tara and one with Jo, and here we get to see the real Silvia, and not the product created by Private and other European porn producers.

Tara is a real-life lesbian and her night pool/bedroom scene with Silvia is just amazing. I know many people don't care whether the girls are bisexual, lesbian or straight as long as they look like they're into it, but for me it's very important. If I'm aware that a girl is truly bisexual or a lesbian in real life, the scenes with her become so much more interesting to watch. One of the reasons I love Jo so much is that she's bisexual leaning towards women. She's even in a long-term relationship with another girl so there can be absolutely no doubt that she loves doing her scenes. The same thing is obviously true with Tara.

Ok, here's the plot and first scene:

Tara is being interrogated by two police officers about a woman who's suspected of "borrowing" villas on the spanish coast while the owners are away. The supect is believed to hold mystical lesbian sex rituals in these villas. The scenes in the movie are flashbacks of events which took place a few weeks prior to the interrogation.

In the first flashback scene, Tara (who's working as a waitress at a seaside restaurant) is serving a female customer (Silvia Saint). There's a definite connection between them from the very first moment. When Tara later returns to the table with a drink, Silvia is suddenly gone but she has left a message which says "Meet me on the beach at 9".

Tara decides to do this, and at 9 she stands there waiting for her. Silvia can soon be seen approaching her from behind, and without any delay she kisses Tara who doesn't back away from it. Silvia invites Tara up to her Villa. When they later stand outside the house, Tara hears sounds from the livingroom. When they look inside the window, they see Jamie and Janine making love on the livingroom floor. They watch the two girls, and then at the end of the scene, we can see Tara and Silvia kissing each other on a bed.

Side note: Jamie and Janine are real-life friends, so Viv thought it would be nice to pair them in a scene.