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The sex scenes in the documentary The Return of Sandy range from being average to pretty good. We never see the kind of intimacy that can be seen in the Pink Velvet movies. The girls here are simply having sex. It's passionate but it's still just sex...there's nothing more to it. I know many people who enjoy these kinds of scenes just as much, but I'm not one of them. Some of the scenes also include toys..:(

What I did find very interesting about this documentary is that it shows some of the reasons why Viv Thomas' productions are superior to anything else being produced. It is obvious from the interviews with the models, and also from the behind-the-scenes footage from the location they are at, how relaxed the girls are and how much fun they are having. The girls are obviously good friends with Viv Thomas and the rest of the crew as well, which can also help to explain why the productions always come out so great.

The girls have flown from Hungary to Portugal, and are arriving on the location when The Return of Sandy begins. After a lot of hugging, Jo and Hajni (the make-up artist) can be seen playing football. Next we see a meeting where Viv informs the girls that they will try something different this time. It will not be a movie, it will be a documentary. Then he lays out a few ground rules, like no smoking inside the house, no cell-phones during dinner, and they should have had their breakfasts before make-up starts in the morning. He also asks them to respect the need for a girl to have her sleep undisturbed in the case she's going to get up early in the morning for a shoot. Sandy interrupts Viv, smiles and asks: "What if we want to have sex?" Viv says it's ok, as long as they call him first..:)

Sandra Shine is being interviewed, and she says she first met Sandy three years ago while on location in Spain. They became friends, and now they see each other every day. She also says she likes both girls and boys in her private life. As a model, she's only doing scenes with girls though, and comments that it's really not something she considers to be work anymore. The reason why she's only doing scenes with girls is simply because it feels more acceptable for her.

Then follows a solo scene (with Sandy), which I find odd that they include.

Next we see a beautifully shot scene with Sophie Moone and Sophie Paris.