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The Pink Velvet saga has come to an end. What began as an experiment with Pink Velvet 1 -- to see if a story-driven production with emphasis on love between women, instead of just sex between women, could sell -- has grown to become probably the most well-known and certainly the highest praised lesbian adult movie-series ever.
It will be very interesting to see where Viv Thomas goes from this. What will his next big "experiment" be? Surely he can continue with his current line of work, and make a good profit from it, but I'm pretty sure he won't settle with that.
As it is now, Viv has pretty much perfected the art of shooting lesbian love scenes, so there isn't much room for improvement here. One thing he could add is some more role-playing in bed, which is something we rarely see in adult movies, as opposed to in "regular" movies. An example of role-playing in bed is when an inexperienced girl is being seduced. In an adult movie, her inexperience is gone as soon as the sex scene begins, she suddenly behaves like the experienced adult movie actress that she is. In a regular movie, she stays in character all throughout the scene.
No, the most room for improvement is instead in the non-sexual parts of the productions. Personally, I would like to see more dialogue, more time for the girls to rehearse their lines and get into their characters, more varied locations, and more drama. I'm anxiously waiting for the day when the plot by itself is so good that it makes me forget that I'm watching an adult movie. I'm convinced that Viv and his crew, if they decided to, would be able to pull this off. I do understand though how much preparation and work is needed to produce a movie like this, so it would probably be wisest to do a re-make of a movie, thereby having a ready script to work from. Suor Emanuelle, Les Démons, Frauengefängnis, Orgasmo Nero, Lust for a Vampire and Vanessa are some of the movies I would love to see re-makes of.

So what is there to say about Pink Velvet 3? I will keep this very brief since there isn't much to say really, other than that the love scenes and the whole production are simply the best I've seen. Some of the love scenes are so intimate that I almost get the feeling that I'm secretly watching two girls making love and that I really shouldn't be watching them.

In Pink Velvet 3, Lisa has become the proud owner of beautiful hotel (Viv rented an entire hotel for this movie!), and in the opening scene, she's in her office talking to her daughter Ella. She wants Ella to take the position as Duty Manager. Ella likes the job description, which among other things involves taking care of business groups that are staying at the hotel, so she accepts the job proposal. They're also talking about Jo, and Ella explains that she doesn't feel anything for her anymore.
Next we see a young girl (Lolita) walking into the hotel lobby and ask the girl at the reception desk for her room-key. Lisa happens to be there as well, and the young girl catches her eyes. When Lolita later on decides to use the hotel's Jacuzzi, Lisa soon shows up, undresses herself, and joins here there. Lisa asks Lolita who she's staying with..."I'm with my parents", Lolita replies. While continuing the conversation, Lisa gradually moves closer and closer to Lolita, and occasionally strokes her arms. Lolita is being seduced without even being aware of it. I don't think I've ever seen an adult movie actress before who can seduce a girl in such a natural manner! Lisa is an expert in this area, there can be no doubt about that. One other thing I have to mention is the wonderful "thank you-kiss" which Lolita gives Lisa after she's had an orgasm.