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Here's the sequel to the hugely successful Pink Velvet, a milestone in the history of lesbian adult movies. The story picks up a few years later. Jo has now left Budapest and is staying with her step-mother and step-sister (Anoushka and Peaches) who are living in Portugal. Jo works as a property developer and she's good friends with her co-worker Vera. Back in Hungary, Ella one day discovers a postcard to her mother (Lisa) from Jo, and she finds out about their love affair. Ella is not happy about it and decides to take "revenge" by seducing Jo's family..

I'm deeply impressed with this sequel. We all know how difficult it is for filmmakers to come up with anything even close to the original, but I was pleased to see that Pink Velvet 2, in nearly every aspect, is just as good, and in some aspects even better, than the first Pink Velvet.
The production quality has improved, Jo and Ella look better than ever, and in contrast to the original movie, every love scene here is brilliant. I must also say that Ella makes a stunning performance as the vengeful seductress.

The things I liked better in the original movie are simply matters of personal preference, like the setting for instance. I preferred the cold winter setting in Budapest to the warm Mediterranean setting in Portugal which we have in Pink Velvet 2. The winter setting created a very romantic feel to the original movie, which I think is lacking in the sequel. I also miss Lisa tremendously. She's a really beautiful and classy lady. Anoushka plays the older woman here and her performance is not very good in my opinion. I was very pleased when I read that Lisa will be back in Pink Velvet 3, and that the story will focus on her!

Just like in the original movie, Pink Velvet 2 begins with a short introduction scene. Ella is sleeping in her bed one night and dreams that Jo sneaks into her room and begins to caress and kiss her. Ella wakes up all sweaty and goes to the bathroom to wash up. Next we see her reading Jo's postcard to Lisa, and then setting it on fire.