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I really shouldn't like this video since there are toys in nearly every scene, and the girls are often looking into the camera, which is just as awful, but I do like it! (although I tend to fast-forward now and then when I watch it). The reason why I'm able to enjoy this video despite its two big flaws is simply because the entire video was filmed by the models themselves!
Viv's models are known to sometimes have sex with each other, off-set, while they're on location. Last fall, when Viv and his crew were in Spain to film Butterfly, they came up with the idea to lend out a camera to Sophie Moone and Stella Stevens to see what the girls could capture of this "off-set sex", and consequently if the footage was going to be good enough to release to the public. When Sophie and Stella later handed over the result of their first attempt at filming an erotic movie, it consisted of 9 hours(!) of footage. I think I remember a post from Lewis on Viv's forum, shortly afterwards, where he wrote that he and Viv weren't sure if they were going to do anything with this footage, but they ultimately decided that they would. Lewis cut down the filmed material to 2 hours, and it's now been released on a DVD titled Our Movie by Sophie & Stella.
This video is interesting because the sex we can see here is probably a bit closer to what it looks like when the girls have sex in their private life. Since it's unscripted, we also get to see what kind of things they're into, and kissing definitely tops this list! The camera work is far from perfect as you can probably understand. It's a bit shaky, but when Sophie is behind the camera, it's surprisingly good I must say. The girls are all very relaxed when they have sex, which is good of course, but this also creates a minor problem. In some of the scenes, the girls begin to joke with each other in the middle of the sex act, and big laughter breaks out.
Stella Stevens, who has quickly become one of my favourites, appears in every scene. She has a very down-to-earth personality, and she seems genuinely nice. The uninhibited way in which she has sex with other girls just makes me smile. The fact that she's been in love with a girl in her personal life is also a huge plus in my book!
Despite the toys and the frequent looking into the camera (which by the way makes more sense here since it's filmed in a "home video" fashion), I found this to be a very nice experimental video.

In the first scene, Sophie, Stella and Sandra Shine are in their room and tell us that they've borrowed a camera to make their own movie. They also take turns kissing each other. Then they decide to walk over to another part of the house to see the other girls. Once they're there, Sophie and Stella take turns kissing all of their friends.