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In Most Subscribed, Peaches runs a video blog, and we get to see her talk about some of the women she meets in her life, and how she plans to seduce them and have sex with them in her bed while secretly filming everything. Some of the footage in Most Subscribed is shot with a stationary camera placed some distance away from the bed, to simulate a web camera, but there's also close-up footage shot with another camera. It's a simple but very entertaining concept for a movie I think, and to hear Peaches ramble on in front of the camera in her unique way is, as always, enjoyable!

In the first set of blog entries, Peaches talks about Cindy, a girl who's working in a salad bar that Peaches visits. Peaches has invited her out to coffee, and says she hopes Cindy doesn't just think of her as a new friend. In a later blog entry, Peaches tells us the coffee date went fine, and that Cindy invited her back to her apartment for a late drink. She declined the invitation though, which was very difficult Peaches says, but explains that Cindy will come and visit her instead, a few days later. Peaches wants to show the blog viewers the "miracle" that is Cindy

Note that there's a solo scene with Peaches, prior to this one, which I haven't included.