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This is a rather different kind of production from Viv Thomas. It's shot in an amateur style with a handheld digital camera and there's no accompanying music. The premise for this "secret" video is that Jo has come to London to do a series of photo shoots for Viv Thomas, but she has decided to try and hook up with some nice girls as well. Her English girlfriend Vikki will document everything with a camera.

I like the amateur style, as it creates a bigger sense of realism, but what I don't like is the extensive use of close-up shots that this video had. I can understand Viv, Lewis and the others' intention with this kind of shooting, to really draw the viewers into the "action" (I hate that word), but personally I prefer scenes with full-body shots and middle-range shots mixed with some close-ups. There is simply nothing more beautiful than seeing two women's bodies interwined on a bed, it beats extreme close-up shots of the same bodies any day.

The only other complaint I have about this video is the use of toys in all scenes. Viv has said that they're shooting for two different markets: the LezloveVideo customers and the rest of the world. The LezloveVideo customers want to see videos with genuine passion and minimal or no toy usage (Pink Velvet). The rest of the world apparently loves toys. Who are these people belonging to the rest of the world market anyway? I have only come across a handful of people in my entire life who really love and appreciate lesbian scenes and who think that every single lesbian scene should include toys. I will never understand this.

I do hope though that Viv will produce some more "amateur style" videos. They can be very good, and apart from the two complaints above, "Jo's Secret Video" is extremely enjoyable. Jo seems to be such a nice person, and in this video her wonderful personality really shines through. A funny thing is that Jo is supposed to be very naughty in this video, but even then she just appears to be very sweet..:) It's not her thing, which just makes me glad.

In the first scene, Vikki films Jo as she's walking around in London, and then in her hotel-room taking a bath and masturbating on the bed.