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This is a rather unique production from Viv Thomas. The scenarios in this video were all written by members of Viv's forum. They had a contest where six winners would have their stories filmed, with Peaches playing the lead role in each of them. The six winning stories, picked by Peaches, were written by three women and three men:

Panos wrote Ibolya the Female Flower (scene 1)
Tads wrote Study Time Is Over (scene 2)
Lady V wrote Desire Fulfilled (scene 3)
Mtbox wrote Bewitching Evil (scene 4)
Amy Anderson wrote Satisfaction Guaranteed (scene 5)
DeepBrownEyes wrote The Decision (scene 6)

Peaches was really excited about this project, and this becomes apparent when you watch her performance here. She's not a trained actress, but you can see how much she's trying to convey the feelings and emotions which some of the writers had been describing in their stories.

I know that Lewis was a bit worried at first about what would come out of this story contest idea, but personally I think the project turned out to be a huge success. It's been a while since I enjoyed a Viv Thomas production as much as this one. One of Lewis' worries was that they maybe wouldn't be able to faithfully adapt each story to the screen. Well, Panos at least seems very happy about how his story was handled by Viv and his crew. Here's an excerpt from Panos' review of Inside Peaches:

"Thank you. Thank you so much. I cannot find the courage or the words to express exactly how I felt after watching a scene, which represents perfectly my personal view on lesbian love. I have no single complaint on how you guys gave life to my script, actually I was prepared to see a lot of my little details missing. I was SO wrong! I gave you the words, you added the right rhythm and now a so wonderful poet is being expanded in front of my staggering eyes. I can see myself inside this scene, all of my fantasies, my thoughts about girls making love and discovering their feelings for each other. The video-camera tip worked very nicely, and, GOD of GODS, you even found the particular flower I used as a cover for the story. You guys really amazed me! I'm so speechless! I keep watching it again and again and I still can't believe this is real.

Eve's smile at the end, while she is playing with the little flower, watching the camera, SENDS ME TO HEAVEN, making me feel like a little point of stardust throughout the galaxies of love. I will certainly let others to judge it, but, generally speaking, I think it's one of the most emotional VT scenes ever! I hope this could be a good reason for the people to watch it. "Inside Peaches" is, after Pink Velvet, the main reason to get the point who Viv Thomas is. Not only as a TOP director, but as a person. His great communication with his fans is the main reason this masterpiece is now born. Our gratitude for this unbelievable chance he offered us is obvious and certain. A fine lesbian production, showing how porn and quality can be merged to one. Just open your arms to this storm of beauty. 9.5/10 You are the man, Viv. I will never repay that to you. Panos

Panos' story Ibolya the female flower is about remembering a long-lost lover. Peaches opens a cardboard box which contains, among other things, photos and a video of her and Eve, who was her closest friend back in school. In flashbacks and through the footage on the VHS tape that Peaches begins to watch, we are shown how these photos and the video came about.

Here's how Peaches, in her own very special way, described the sex scene in a message on Viv's forum:

"The scene with Eve is totally different...that was making love instead of having such a great sex like with the blonde lady :-) With Eve my orgasm started in my head first with enjoying all her touch everywhere on my body..there was not a difference that she licks my nipple or my clith....both had cause an unbeleivable feeling...i really did think that i fall in love....Did you ever feel that your partner should not do anything with your sexual part of your body? I mean you can have thousands of orgasm only from she or he kissing you neck? That's feeling owns the Eve scene...i cannot write down more words that can describe how much did i enjoy it...that was one of my best ever making love:-) "

It's always nice to see when two of Viv's models really "click". We have earlier seen Jo and Vera, Sandra Shine and Stella Stevens, and now we have Peaches and Eve. I could easily watch 100 different scenarios with Peaches and Eve making love to each other. I will never get bored watching them.