Zora Banx

Stella Stevens



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Confessions of the Make-up Artist tells the story about two make-up artists, Zora and Vera, who are working on the set of a Viv Thomas movie. From the very beginning, the two of them don't get along very well. They compete for the attention of the models and they argue constantly.

This story-driven production, with a running-time of nearly 3 hours(!) is probably the second-best Viv Thomas movie I've seen to date. Pink Velvet 1 is still number one for me, but some of the scenes here are just as good or maybe even better. It's also nice to see that the dialogue is continuing to be spoken in the girl's native language with English subtitles. The only negative thing to say about this movie is a masturbation scene (not captured) where Vera uses an egg vibrator. It puzzles me why they included this scene. It doesn't fit in at all in my opinion.
Finally I have to say something about Stella Stevens, who's also sometimes credited as Dora. She has become one my new favorite models. I first saw her in Six Days with Vera where she was pretty good, but here she's simply stunning! I'm sure we will see a lot more of her in future productions.

It's morning, and the cast and crew wake up. Jo is relaxing in the morning sun with a glass of juice. Later on in the day, it's time to do Jo and Stella's make-up for their scene. Jo is slightly late which a bossy Zora also lets her be aware of, and Jo becomes a bit irritated with her. Vera also gets upset with Zora when she's told what to do during the make-up, and when Zora later playfully flirts with Jo, Vera looks very angrily at her. Meanwhile, Jo and Stella talk about the new girl Cayenne. Stella says that Cayenne is a bit shy because it's her first movie. Jo: "So she's a virgin.. I'm working with her tomorrow." Jo then tells Stella how excited she is about her and Stella's scene, and that she hasn't had an orgasm in days. Stella smiles and says: "Yeah?! Well, don't worry. I won't be holding back."
When Jo and Stella have left the room, Vera turns to Zora and accusingly says: "You like flirting with the girls, don't you? Just don't forget we're not meant to!"

When Jo and Stella are doing their outdoor scene later, Zora and Vera are watching, and Zora occasionally makes eye contact with Stella. Afterwards, Zora continues to look at her seductively, and Stella definitely enjoys the attention.