Sandra Shine

Stella Stevens

Sophie Moone






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Sandra Shine and Stella Stevens have begun dating each other, and when the movie begins, the two girls are by a lake. Sandra tells Stella that she wants to make love to her, but Stella says she first wants to explore her mind. She asks Sandra to tell her history, how she realized she was into girls.

This movie is partially based upon Sandra Shine's own life, it's been said. Two of the scenes in this movie are amazing. They are among the best ones I've seen to date. I felt lukewarm about the remaining scenes though. They are either threeway scenes, which I don't like, or they include plenty of toy-usage, which I like even less. I still wonder about the toys, since very few of Viv's fans seem to like them. While many people on Viv's forum always comment on things they like about his productions such as lengthy kissing, genuine passion, body-contact, the girls gazing into each other's eyes, and so on, I don't think I've ever seen someone saying: "That's great Viv! The toys really made this video!". The most positive thing people have to say about toys is that they "don't distract too much". This is an ongoing mystery..

Sandra begins to tell her story.. When she was 18, she used to secretly watch the girl next door (Bridgett) undressing for the night. She felt ashamed about how much it excited her to look at the other girl's naked body. Afterwards, she used to lay down on the bed and masturbate while fantasizing about her. Later that summer, Sandra watches as Bridgett makes love to her girlfriend Liz in her garden.

Stella asks Sandra about the first time she kissed a girl. Sandra says it happened with her college roommate Sophie Moone. They were out walking one day and sat down on a bench. Sandra read aloud a poem which Sophie had written to her, and then it happened: "I knew I had to make the first move. As our eyes met, I leaned forward, and she let me kiss her."