Adele Stevens


Rebekah Teesdale

Natasha Vale

Laura Hawkins

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As the scene begins, Adele is laying on a sun chair by the pool. Natasha, with a big water-rifle in her hands, sneaks up on Adele and shoots on her. Adele picks up a water-rifle of her own and runs after Natasha. The two of them run around in the beautiful garden, shooting water at each other.
After a while, Natasha runs back up to the pool area with Adele shortly after her. Natasha lays down on a sun chair and Adele begins to shoot water on Natasha's panties which Natasha says actually feels nice. They switch and Natasha is now shooting water on Adele's panties. They put down their water-rifles and Natasha lays herself on top of Adele. They kiss each other but soon decide to go inside the house and into the hot tub.
In the hot tub, they finally make love.

Behind the scenes info:
Natasha Vale, who is 100% lesbian, begged Viv several times to let her do the scenes with Adele Stevens. She told him that she had masturbated over Adele's pictures for years. Viv relented and says he's not sorry he did!
Adele had never done a scene with another girl before and she was pretty nervous in the beginning, partially because Natasha has a bit of a reputation in the business. She isn't exactly someone who gently introduces girls into lesbian lovemaking..:)
But to everyone's delight, Natasha and Adele hit it off big time. Viv says it was very awkward at first, but when Natasha had made Adele relax, the two couldn't get enough of each other! Viv says there was no need whatsoever to direct them in the hot tub scene and although Adele denied it, everyone else was convinced that she had a genuine orgasm when Natasha went down on her.
When the shoot was finished and the film crew had left the bathroom, Natasha and Adele stayed behind in the hot tub for quite a while.