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Here's the second installment of The Art of Kissing series. I enjoyed this toy-free video much more than the first, since there are really no weak scenes here. One thing which makes this series so great is that the girls are mostly wearing normal clothes! It makes things look more natural than all of these scenes where they wear fancy dresses and high heels.

I'd like to see a third "The Art of Kissing", but made in a different way. I want it to be kissing only, and more in the line of the first part of Brazilian Amateur 06: Kissing in Europe. There would be footage of the girls kissing each other and holding hands in public places, and maybe they could even persuade a few "ordinary girls" to kiss them..:) The kissing footage could be intertwined with interviews. The focus would be on questions about kissing, like "When did you first kiss another girl and who was it?" and "What's the best thing about kissing another girl?". Maybe the production could be made as a display of Hungary's most beautiful sites. It would give the girls a chance to show off their home country to the rest of the world!

Just like with the first movie, there's not much to tell about each scene. I will just name the models in each of them.
In this first scene, we have Lisa and Eve.