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Viv's productions always include lots and lots of kissing, but people wanted even more so Viv decided to make this special kissing video. The kissing ratio in the scenes is probably near 80%. My favorite scenes in this video are the first two (Peaches and Eve, and Lisa and Sandra Shine).

Last year, someone asked Peaches which girl she most would like to do a scene with. Peaches answered that she would love to do a scene with Eve. When any of Viv's models is given her own movie, she can choose the girls she wants to work with. When Eve was picking girls for her personal movie "All About Eve" and for her scene in "Art of Kissing" (they shot these two videos simultaneously), someone on Viv's forum suggested to her that she should ask Peaches, knowing that Peaches really liked her. It turned out to be an excellent suggestion. Sparks fly between these two, and Eve is, without a doubt, just as much into Peaches as the other way around. I think Eve is great and she is certainly one of the most beautiful women ever to have appeared in an adult movie, but she can often be too "camera conscious". You seldom get the impression that she forgets about the camera in the heat of the moment, but in this scene, she does! She's more into it than I've ever seen before.

There's a woman named Avril who works for Viv. When they're out on location, she writes a "location diary" on Viv's forum. Here's what she had to say about the shooting of Peaches and Eve's scene:

"Peaches was her usual self, bubbly, and she was more excited than usual because it was her first time with Eve Angel! These two darlings were a dream together, both brunettes, both had lovely big boobs! And both well into girls. Lewis started this scene very slowly, he wanted to explain very carefully to the girls so they understood the coop. It was such a sensuous scene, probably one of the best I've seen in a long while, certainly it compared to some of my Pink Velvet 3 turn-on experiences. I was loving every second. the kissing was so deep and real, and there was so much of it!
I was happy to see that after half an hour Lewis finally let them get naked and pleasure each other's pussies. I was beginning to think he was going to skip it. But yes, they went down on each other. Eve was particularly enjoying herself for the second time today! Lucky cow! And I'll say this...Peaches had a very memorable cum. It looked fantastic! She had little Eve gripped in a headlock as Eve fingered her furiously, and Peaches was working her clit like the two of them were the only two girls on Earth. It was a brilliant orgasm, she really let herself go! Only to continue the kissing, and it got personal after that! They were all dewy-eyed and relaxed and pecked away. I hope the guys managed to get all the eye contact.

I love reading Avril's location diaries by the way, and she obviously enjoyed this scene as much as I do. I think this scene alone is worth the price of the DVD!