Judith Fox

Mia Stone


Sandra Shine

Szilvia Lauren

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This is a toy free episodic video, where Eve can be seen in various fantasy and real-life scenarios. From what I've read, people don't seem to regard "All About Eve" as highly as many other recent Viv titles, but I found this one to be quite enjoyable! Seeing such a beautiful and full-figured woman as Eve making sweet love to women whom she handpicked for this video is enough for me.

In the first episode, Eve is a private detective in the 1930s, and she's presenting evidence to one of her clients, Sandra Shine, that Sandra's husband is cheating on her with no less than 8 different women! :) Eve quickly decides to take advantage of this, and suggests to Sandra that she should try and make him jealous by having an affair herself, and that it should be a woman (namely Eve). This set-up must obviously be a humorous mockery, by Viv and the others, of typical male-produced lesbian erotica.