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Corinna & Erin is without a doubt my favorite U.S. produced x-rated video of all time. Corinna is of course the lovely girl from Just Friends?, in which she and Layla had a beautiful scene together in a shower.

The company behind these two videos is Thursday Night Video (TNV), which is run by a guy named George. He has said that his main focus is really not to produce x-rated lesbian videos. He's more into softer lesbian productions (like the Corinna and Layla scene).
This is something which is actually very apparent in this video. He is not tainted by the belief that in order to produce a good x-rated video, there must be as many shots of female genitalia as possible. It doesn't matter that it will look weird and unnatural when the models constantly have to adjust their hair or position just to allow the camera good shots in between their legs, and also that it completely destroys the illusion that we're watching two girls who are totally focused on each other.

The reason why I now and then can enjoy an x-rated video is certainly not because I'm in need to see female genitalia. It's because I want to see two girls who are pleasuring each other for real, as opposed to the simulated sex we see in mainstream movies.
George's approach to filming Corinna & Erin is simply excellent in my opinion. If he happens to get a good close-up shot of one of the girls performing oral on the other one, fine, but he isn't actively doing anything to come up with this shot, like telling the girls beforehand to allow the camera to zoom in or even worse..telling them in the middle of the scene. No, he believes that in order to make it look as real as possible, he shouldn't disturb the girls. He lets Corinna and Erin concentrate on each other without having to think about the camera. I can't understand why this very simple thing is so hard to figure out for most other directors.

Ok, now on the actual video..The setup is very simple. Corinna has come to visit her friend Erin, who she hasn't seen for quite a while. They're sitting in front of a fireplace having a glass of wine, and it's obvious the two girls have had sex before and that Erin now wants to do it again. Erin kisses her, and Corinna asks Erin if this is what she had in mind for today. Erin says yes, it's one of the things. Erin then helps Corinna to relax by massaging her.

The things which make this video so special, apart from the camera work mentioned above, is the small signs of affection between these two girls, like the way they put their hands behind each other's heads when they're kissing or when they run their fingers through the other one's hair. I also enjoyed the long sequences of the two girls just laying beside each other in the aftermath of the love making. There's also a lot of full-body contact in this video, something which is severely lacking in most x-rated videos. It's one of the things which make the love making in the video look so genuine.

Finally, I have to mention how incredible it is to see Erin go down on Corinna. Erin seems to be enjoying giving oral to Corinna maybe even more than Corinna enjoys receiving it! Erin gives away constant moans, and she's pleasuring Corinna so lovingly as if she would be kissing her. It seems as she'd like to stay down there for a whole day.

Erin is certainly the more passionate of the two, but I don't agree with other people who have said that Corinna isn't into it at all. Every person expresses themselves differently. I believe that Corinna really enjoyed the experience, but that she's just not a person who moans a lot or lets herself go completely. I think many people have just become too used of hearing the silly screaming in regular porn movies.

If I ever were to recommend a US adult video to buy, this is the one! Click on the link above to go to the Corinna & Erin page over at LezloveVideo. Among the many reviews there, a couple of them are negative, but don't believe them. They're wrong..:)
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