Cherie & Falon    USA, 2003

Scene 3 of 3

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It turns out it was a false alarm, no one showed up. The girls are now sunbathing instead. Cherie suggests it was maybe their butler who shut the door, but Falon says that they're not *that* rich. The girls talk about what happened up in the bedroom earlier. Falon says she thought that would never happen, and that it was so cool. Cherie says she liked it a lot: "I had had this crush on you forever, and it was just building up."

Then they begin to tell each other how cute they think the other one is: "You are so cute!" "No, you are so cute!" and so on.. Cherie suddenly says that Falon's a dork instead. Falon: "Why are you calling me a dork? Is it because you wanna get spanked?"

The girls decide to go into the house, and they only make it to the living room before they go at it again. This time around, the sex is even more passionate. The initial shyness is gone, it's obvious they are more at ease with sexually exploring one another and telling each other what feels good.
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