Cherie & Falon    USA, 2003

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This is one my favorite US produced videos. The kissing is not so good and there are some other negative things to say about this video, but what makes it unforgettable are the two girls, Cherie and Falon. They are simply lovely together, and it's exciting just to hear them casually talk with each other. That's how well the chemistry works between these two.

The video starts with Cherie arriving at Falon's house. It's the first time she visits her friend, and Falon's rich parents are away so they have the house all to themselves this day. Falon is very believable as a daughter to rich parents. After the welcome hug, Falon takes Cherie upstairs.

A confusing conversation soon follows, one which I believe could take place in such a situation. Falon says to Cherie that she has had a crush on her for a while, and that she has sensed that Cherie feels the same. When Cherie asks how long she's had a crush on her, Falon says that "it's not a crush..I'm just curious". Cherie then asks: "You mean sexually?" Falon now nervously backs from her previous statement and says: "No, I've just had a crush on you. A little innocent crush."

Anyway, they soon begin to awkwardly kiss each other, and then proceed to undress each other.
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