Barbara, Karen, Diana,
Latifa, Karla & Leticia

Brazil, 2002    Scene 2 of 4

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Scene 4    

On their way to Vienna, the girls make a stop at Valhalla in Germany. Valhalla is a replica of the Parthenon. The girls also find some time to kiss each other while they're there.

Next we see them enjoying themselves at the Rainbow Parade. Barbara and Karen, who are first just looking at the passing wagons, soon decide to jump up onto one of them. Later on, the camera person finds Karen just as she's beginning a conversation with a local girl. They give each other a kiss before they leave. When Karen walks away, she seems very happy and proud about it..:) The local girl must have obviously liked Karen's kiss, because soon she approaches her again, and they kiss some more.

Later on in the evening, the girls go to The Prater, and up in its famous 100 year old romantic giant Ferris wheel, Barbara and Karen give each other some more loving kisses.

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