Bruna & Josie    Brazil, 2002

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Lesbian lovers Bruna and Josie live in different cities, and when the video begins, Josie has just arrived to her girlfriend's hometown. Meanwhile, Bruna makes herself pretty for their long awaited reunion. When Josie finally rings on her door bell, and Bruna opens the door, the two girls throw themselves at each other. They kiss and hug for a long time before they sit down on the sofa to talk. Josie can't keep her hands away from Bruna though, and she desperately wants them to make love. Bruna playfully rejects her though since she has planned for them to go out shopping first. Josie continues to try and "convince" Bruna, but to no avail.

Later when they're at a restaurant, there's some activity going on under the table, and afterwards when they're playing pool, the foreplay continues.

The main reason why I enjoyed this video so much is the roleplaying element that it has. Bruna is the secure and relaxed girl, and Josie is the submissive girl who seems to absolutely worship her girlfriend, and especially her body. She kisses and caresses every inch of Bruna's body in a way that I've never seen before. It is so full of passion and complete desire for her. I wonder how common this is in real life, that a girl is so infatuated with another girl's body that she looses all control. Can it happen, or does the fact that they have the same bodies and that girls are generally not so body fixated, prevent it from happening?
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