Zebra Lounge
(Canada, 2001)
               Category/Genre:   Mainstream Movie   
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         Reviewer:  Krista Sullivan                      Correct/Add Info                Review this movie!

A married couple is having marriage trouble and decide to post an add in a swingers magazine to meet another couple. They hook up with another couple and swap wives. Their new friends want more from them and don't take the hint to be left alone. After another steamy session in the pool the new friends get closer and closer becoming an unwanted part of the couples family. Murder and deception all factor in leaving the couple to resort to the unthinkable to get rid of their swinger friends.

Kristy Swanson & Brandy Ledford

The two couples meet for the second time at the pool of Kristy Swanson and Stephan Baldwin. Newby Brandy is pulled into the pool still in her dress and high heels by Kristy. Kristy takes an extasy pill on her tongue and feeds it to Brandy. Their tongues meet and they share a kiss. They then kiss deeper realy getting into it while fondling each other under water. The two husbands then tire of watching and join the wives making it a four way. They then kiss sparatically throughout the scene.

A pretty hot movie for swingers but with a negative overall tone about the topic. Kristy and Brandy are dynamite hot in this film. The majority of the action is hetero here with the one moment the two ladies share. The film stands up by itself but may scare wouldbe swingers off the idea. Looking for a decent rent with a nice kissing scene in it, try it out. Trying to talk your partner into swinging, avoid it.