Your Friends and Neighbors
(USA, 1998)
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Story surrounds a group of 30 something friends with varied sex lives and interests.

Nastassja Kinski & Catherine Keener

The two meet at an art gallery where Kinski works. There is some nice chemestry as they discuss a painting.

Nastassja Kinski & Catherine Keener

The two are together at Kinski's apartment. Keener is sitting and Kinski lying on the couch behind her. At this point in the movie it isn't clear they are lovers but after some nice flirting Kinski leans over and they kiss. Nice build up but that's it.

Nastassja Kinski & Catherine Keener

The two are in bed together and there are some brief kisses before they argue (Kinski is getting too attached).

Overall an OK movie but most of the Lesbian activity is implied.

Krista Sullivan:
Build-up: 2   Kissing: 3   Movie overall: 4
Ensemble cast movie about 30 something relationships. 3 couples and 2 singles make up the characters and everyone is cheating on everyone. Nastassja Kinski is an art museum director who meets with all the cast members individually under identical circumstances. She is the lone lesbian character. Catherine Keener gets tired of taking it up the ass from her boyfriend so she dumps him and ends up with Nastassja Kinski. A good film overall with excellent characters.
They meet in the art gallery and go for drinks together. Kinski seduces Keener very easily and they have a nice kiss which gets intense. Keener is tentative but eventually gives in. They share some tender moments together in bed. They have a few more pecks later on in the film but this scene is the only one of substantial kissing.
Dont rent this just for the lesbian content, rent it for a good character development film. It is racey and full of adult language and nudity and sex. The lesbian content is only a minor part of the overall film which I enjoyed just the same.