You & Me Forever


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(Denmark, 2012)

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Julie Andersen, Frederikke Dahl Hansen &
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Plot: (from Amazon)

Laura and Christine are BFFs and spend most of their time together, but one day they meet the mysterious Maria. Laura is fascinated by Maria's flirtatious talk about sex and girlfriend crushes. In blind adoration she drops her friendship with Christine and enters Maria's boundary pushing universe.

Lesbian content:

Scandinavian flmmakers love portraying the rather intense relations teenage girls have with each other, where there's a fine line separating friendship and love.
The girls in this movie are straight, but it's sometimes hard to tell. Laura (Julie Andersen) and Maria (Frederikke Dahl Hansen) first make eye contact in school. When they later see each other again at a party, they look like they want to jump each other right there. They kiss later in the movie, in front of a guy, but that setup seemed more like just a convenient excuse for Maria to kiss Laura.

Julie and Frederikke can also be seen together in the Danish short film Lækre til vi dør, and there's a good chance it has lesbian content. I haven't watched it yet though, so I can't be sure.. Julie plays a high school girl who's a vampire and is in love with her best friend, played by Frederikke.