Witchcraft X:
Mistress of the Craft

Erotic Thriller

(UK, 1998)

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in lesbian scenes:

Emily Booth & Tyler Smith
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Plot: (from Horror Movies)

For over a year, Celeste Sheridan, a powerful witch, has been hunting Raven and her cult of exotic, but deadly, vampires. Detective Lucy Lutz of the LAPD arrives in London, she has extradition orders to escort a Satanist serial killer, Hyde, back to California. But Raven has other plans...
Storming into Interpol's HQ outside of London where Celeste works, Raven frees Hyde, escaping to her secret lair in the basement of a London nightclub. Raven wants Hyde to help her with a ritual ceremony, one that will grant them supernatural power beyond their wildest imagination.
Celeste teams up with Detective Lutz and Interpol agent Chris Dixon to hunt down Raven and Hyde before Walpurgis Night approaches and the demon Morshenka is brought to earth by Hyde and Raven's vampires to wreak chaos and death for all.

Lesbian content:

Two of the vampire girls (Emily Booth and Tyler Smith) are lovers.