Wicked Temptations


Erotic Thriller

(USA, 2002)

Average rating
Love scenes:3.0 
Movie overall:1.0 

Explicitness:  5

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Build-up  1 Kissing  3 Love scenes  3 Movie overall  1

Pretty standard direct-to-video, late night Cinemax fare. A female detective (Monique Parent) is hired to find a wealthy man's missing wife, and of course gets in over her head. Plenty of nakedness and the usual "suprise" twist at the end make this a run of the mill Skinemax-type erotic thriller.

Keri Windsor & T.J. Hart

The missing wife (played by Keri Windsor) has a lesbian lover (played by T.J. Hart), and in this scene they make love on some cushions near a window.

The scene has no build-up to it at all, and is basically tacked on to show that the two women are lovers. That being said, the scene is actually not bad at all. The kissing is very enthusiastic, even if it is a little short (as usual). They engage in a number of positions, including a side-by-side 69, and it's very obvious that the actresses are actually having sex, even though this is not explicitly shown. The rest of the movie is pretty much garbage, but if you happen to see this on the late-night TV schedule, this scene is worth checking out.

Build-up  Kissing  Love scenes  Movie overall 

There's a second scene where the detective gets a lap dance from a stripper.