Werewolf in a Women's Prison


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(USA, 2006)

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Victoria De Mare, Eva Derrek,
Jackeline Olivier, Meredith Giangrande,
Yurizan Beltrán & Sindy Lange
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Plot: (from IMDb)

Set in the fictional third world country of Canpuna, 'Werewolf in a Womens Prison' is the story of Sarah (Victoria De Mare), when camping with her boyfriend, is attacked by a werewolf. She wakes up in a corrupt prison only to find out her boyfriend has been torn apart and she is the only suspect. Forced to do things only found in a prison populated only by women it's only a matter of time until that strange bite starts to take effect.

Lesbian content:

I found this movie very entertaining I must say. It's a modern take on these "women-in-prison" movies of the past which I love so much. They have even copied a scene from Caged - Le prede umane in which two prisoners, without water to drink and exposed to the heat of the sun, are forced to lick the sweat of each other's bodies in order to survive. This movie has a Werewolf twist though, and it does get pretty gory about halfway through the movie.
In another scene, a prisoner lets the female prison warden touch her body in exchange for a pack of cigarettes. There's also a very nice sex scene with two other prisoners.