Virtual Encounters

Erotic Movie (B)

(USA, 1996)

Average rating
Love scenes:3.0 
Movie overall:3.0 

Explicitness:  4

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The NIgga
Build-up  2 Kissing  4 Love scenes  4 Movie overall  3

The film is about a group of stuydents who develop a new type of virtual 3d glasses, that not even make you see the things , but even makes you feel the things in your fantasy's. With this glasses, they they can make everyones desire come true.

Jacqueline Lovell (a.k.a. Sara St. James) & Tricia Yen

Lovell and Yen start out lip kissing softly and licking each others breasts. Then Lovell goes down on Yen (nothing actually shown, just her head between her legs). Lovell then pours some oil on Yen and rubs it on her. There is one hot part where Yen is on her hands and knees with Lovell behind her. She runs her hands under Yen's oiled up body, along her breasts and between her legs. Yen then rubs and kisses on Lovell. The scene ends with them lip kissing softly again.

Cathleen Raymond & Taylor St. Clair

In this scene, one fellow female student of the inventors of the glasses, try's out the machine. She ends up in an abandoned alley, where she's seduced by an unknown lady, who wears the same suglasses, and the same dress (yet in a different colour). After a short period of touching and lip-kissing, they finally get it on!

For me, the first scene was nice. but not more than that. The camerawork wasn't very well, the music was sloppy, and most of all: the actresses didn't really put their feeling into it. So, after all, both this scene and the movie wheren't really worth watching.

Build-up  Kissing  Love scenes  Movie overall 

There is a third scene with Michelle Barry and Sindee Coxx which the above reviewer forgot to mention.