VIP - Sexy Bedtime Party


(USA, 2005)

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This party video is hosted by Hoyt Christopher from "Wild On E!", and former former Miss Teen USA, Carrie Stroup. The video consists of footage from one of these wild VIP parties, this one is being held in Miami, Florida.
I initially planned to add this one to the "selected x-rated section" since there is some pretty explicit footage when two of the party girls can be seen having sex with each other in a hotel room afterwards. I reconsidered though after I came to the conclusion that this is first and foremost a party video, and a really good one as well. Much better than anything from "Girls Gone Wild" which I hate with a vengeance because of all the stupid drunk guys cheering on while girls are kissing. There is close to nothing of this kind in these VIP DVDs.
Furthermore, I came to the conclusion that I couldn't recommend this as an x-rated feature afterall. The sex in the hotel room, although very passionate and nice to watch, has no real sound. Club music is playing throughout the entire scene.