Vampires vs. Zombies

Mainstream Movie

(USA, 2004)

Average rating
Love scenes:3.0 
Movie overall:2.0 

Explicitness:  2

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Build-up  2 Kissing  2 Love scenes  3 Movie overall  2

A strange plague is rapidly spreading across the USA. Jenna (Bonny Giroux) and her father are driving in the countryside in an attempt to avoid being infected. Jenna has also begun to have nightmares about a girl who comes to her bed at nights. One day, they see a woman in the middle of the road who's waving at them to stop their car. The woman asks the father if he can take her daughter Carmilla (Maratama Carlsson) with them. She explains to him that she's worried that Carmilla will be infected by the plauge by her other daughter, who's already infected. The father agress to take Carmilla with them.

Bonny Giroux & Maratama Carlson

Carmilla looks suspiciously similar to the girl who visits Jenna in her sleep, and Carmilla also immediately begins to flirt with Jenna. A bit later, the two girls end up driving their own jeep (its previous, plague infected owner, was killed by them). After having driven for a while, they decide to take a break. Jenna's father drives up alongside their Jeep and asks if anything's wrong. Jenna says to him that they'll catch up with him later. Carmilla now decides to make her move, and Jenna willingly lets her kiss her. Then she undresses Jenna, and begins to kiss the inside of her thighs.
Later on, Jenna notices some strange wounds on her thighs where Carmilla had been kissing her.

Bonny Giroux & Maratama Carlson

They later on reach a deserted town where they explore one of the empty buildings. The two girls go on their own, and after some convincing from Carmilla's part ("You know you want to!"), they begin to kiss, and once again, Carmilla also kisses the inside of Jenna's thighs.

This gory b-movie is pretty strange, and it's sometimes difficult to follow the non-existent plot. The decent lesbian storyline has some similarities with the original Carmilla story, written by Joseph Sheridan le Fanu in 1872 (a work which has been the basis of many lesbian vampire movies).