Vampire Obsession


Erotic Movie (B)

(USA, 2002)

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Love scenes:0.0 
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Review this movieActresses known to appear
in lesbian scenes:

Anoushka, Darian Caine,
Jade Duboir, A.J. Khan &
Allanah Rhodes
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Wendy (Anoushka) is a sinfully gorgeous prostitute who lives with her girlfriend (Darian Caine) - an obsessed beauty who desires Wendy all to herself. But when Wendy is propositioned by a mysterious woman named Alexis (Jade DuBoir), things will change forever. Seduced in ways she never thought possible, Wendy soon finds herself the love-slave of Alexis who has a taste for bringing home a new woman for them to share every night.
Alexis has another bizarre taste too, and she introduces Wendy to her sensual and orgiastic blood fetish. At first resistant, Wendy is quickly turned on by the intoxicating mixture of erotic lesbian pleasures, and finds her own indulgence turning to something much more sinister. Tracked down and confronted by her frantic, sex-starved girlfriend, Wendy must decide if her dark, lustful, body-quivering obsession has gone beyond the edge of sanity…or if her craving for non-stop pleasure has yet to be satisfied.