Valerie a týden divu
a.k.a. Valerie and Her Week of Wonders


European 1970s/1980s

(Czechoslovakia, 1970)

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Jaroslava Schallerová, Helena Anýzová &
Alena Stojáková
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Plot: (from Yahoo! Movies)

This dreamlike fairytale captures the coming-of-age of a young Czechoslovakian girl. After receiving a pair of earrings, Valerie starts to experience confusing, often Freudian, dreams of fear, hope, and anticipation. As her burgeoning sexuality sparks even more haunting escapades, Valerie must contend with an explosively surreal world that challenges and inspires her. Jaromil Jires' film is surprisingly sensitive and visually spectacular.

Lesbian content:

Valerie a týden divu is one of the most visually stunning films I've seen, and the musical score is equally amazing. If you ever watch this film, you won't easily forget it. I first saw it in the late 1980s. I ordered it from a mail order company specializing in hard-to-find films, and Eastern European films certainly were difficult to find at that time. The bootleg VHS copy I received was in awful condition, but I still remember how mesmerized I was by the sheer beauty of the film. Now they've finally released a digitally remastered edition of the film on DVD here in Europe.

The plot of Valerie a týden divu is pretty confusing. It's easiest to see it as a visualisation of a young girl's sexual fantasies and worst nightmares. When Valerie puts on the earrings her mother gave her, she fantasizes that they're magical. She can suddenly see the world around her as it really is. The small village where she lives is full of sexual deviates, and evil men and women trying to take advantage of her. The village is also slowly being taken over by vampires. Valerie is never in any real danger though since she has a protective talisman. When the villagers accuse her of being a Witch to be burned at the stake, she simply teleports herself to another place with the help of the talisman.

Not everything Valerie experiences is bad. She sees two servant girls kissing each other when they're bathing in the river. She spends a night with a woman who's been turned into a vampire, and in the morning, the woman's vampirism has magically disappeared. She also french kisses another woman. Finally there's a village girl who is smitten by her. They never utter a word to each other, but whenever the girl sees Valerie, she smiles and gives her flowers.