Confessions of a Natural Beauty
(USA, 2002)
               Category/Genre:   Erotic Movie (B)   
  Release date:

To be announced during 2003

Seduction Cinema
Darian Caine
Misty Mundae
Actresses believed to do lesbian love-scenes:

Misty Mundae

Darian Caine

Ruby LaRocca

Movie plot and lesbian content:

Seduction Cinemaís very own Misty Mundae makes her writing and directorial debut with the sinfully sexy and erotic feature, Confessions of a Natural Beauty. Shooting began on January 18 and will continue through February.

In Confessions of a Natural Beauty, Misty and SC stars Ruby LaRocca and Darian Caine play young women who find themselves hot for one another. Individually profiled about their deepest romantic yearnings, wildest fantasies, and naughtiest secrets, the beautiful threesome then put their words into action as they try to out-seduce each other.

Regarding the provocative subject matter, Misty states, ďI had had the story idea for some time. Basically, I wanted to portray lesbian seduction from a female perspective, with all the situational foreplay and sexy talk and dirty glances,and really show the types of things two or three willing young women would say and do to excite and seduce one another, and do it in such a way that reflects what an unbelievable turn-on it is - definitely for the participants and Iím sure for anyone watching!Ē

When asked about the preparations for production and the pending shoot, Misty seemed relaxed and confident. ďOnce I put all my ideas down on paper and had a script I was happy with, things moved quickly. Breaking down the script into a shooting schedule, conferring with the director of photography about shots and set-ups, rehearsing with Darian and Ruby, basically fussing and fretting over all the details that go into making a movie, itís a lot of technical stuff. But now itís showtime,and Iím very excited to have this opportunity to make what I hope will be areally fun and super-hot movie.Ē