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(Brazil, 2007)

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Thammy Gretchen & Julia Paes
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Thammy Gretchen (with short hair) is a singer/model, who's an out lesbian. She and her girlfriend, the adult movie actress Julia Paes, have posed together for the magazine Sexy Premium. The still-images above come from two Brazilian tv programs. The first 31 are screen caps from a video of this photoshoot, and the remaining 26 are from a segment a tv show did on these two girls. They interviewed Thammy and Julia while they were in a clothing shop, and also showed additional footage from the Sexy Premium photo shoot.
Thammy has said that she had to work really hard to get Julia, who was living a "heterosexual life" before she met Thammy. She was even married to a guy for a while.
Below you can see some pictures from the actual photo shoot and from a couple of public appearances.





There's a lesbian x-rated video with the title Sádica, in which both Thammy and Julia can be seen in. Thammy isn't doing any explicit stuff though, but she and Julia have several nice scenes together with some great kissing! You can look at still-images from it in the selected x-rated section.