Erotic Movie (A)

(Italy, 2000)

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Love scenes:1.0 
Movie overall:1.0 

Explicitness:  4

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Build-up  1 Kissing  3 Love scenes  1 Movie overall  1

The story of a girl from Venice visiting London and the temptations and pitfalls that greet her.

Yuliya Mayarchuk & Francesca Nunzi

Mayarchuk visits the estate agent's office of Nunzi and within a minute she is being groped by Nunzi. No build up, no flirting, just a far fetched unlikely 'let's get it on scene' interuppted by the phone ringing.

Yuliya Mayarchuk & Francesca Nunzi

Nunzi shows Mayarchuk a flat and in no time is coming on to her.There is some nice kissing and fondling of each other. Nunzi ends up with Mayarchuk across a desk where oral sex (simulated) takes place.

Yuliya Mayarchuk & Francesca Nunzi

This scene is at a party or glorified orgy where everyone attending seems to be having sex. Some nice stroking of each other by the two ladies.

This film is virtually pornographic. I found a couple of scenes in it quite tasteless. The film was ruined by the terrible dubbing from Italian into English. The Director (Tinto Brass) seems to have a fixation for female genitalia and I think he crosses the line between erotica and pornography.
It is the only film I have ever seen where the Director has a part in it and indulges himself on the leading 'lady'. Not a pretty sight.
Build-up  Kissing  Love scenes  Movie overall 

Crusader forgot to mention one scene in his/her review. Before the orgy/party, Carla & Moira are together at a sauna, surrounded by other nude women. Carla is lying on her stomach while Moira sits next to her, caresing her beautiful butt. Later the two women shower together, making out while the water makes their gorgeous wet bodies glisten.

I really enjoyed the sub/dom aspect of the relationship between Moira and Carla, with Moira dominating the younger girl. I only wish the movie was exclusively about those two, instead of adding the boyfriend. The only problem I had with Tinto Brass's direction is that some of the sexual scenes between the women were a bit too crude, with Moira in particular acting more like a man than an agressive lesbian woman. I would have preferred a softer seduction effort than her simply grabbing the beautiful Carla and starting to kiss and fondle her. Still, the girl/girl aspects of this film made it my favorite Tino Brass production. I share his love of the beautiful female derriere, especially when lesbian scenes are involved!