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(USA, 2003)

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Love scenes:None 
Movie overall:4.0 

Explicitness:  1

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Build-up  2 Kissing  4 Love scenes  Movie overall  4

A young girl (Evan Rachel Wood) hits the complicating age of thirteen and finds herself desperate to fit in. Finally befriending another girl with her own problems (Nikki Reed), she is introduced into a wild world of sex, drinking, drugs and other rebellious things. But it turns out Reed just wants a place to live and Wood cant help her so she turns everything bad that happened on Wood and makes her out to be the bad person that corrupted Reed.

Evan Rachel Wood & Nikki Reed

After calling up some boys for a makeout session, Reed laughs at Wood and says "You don't even know how to kiss, do you?" and Wood laughs and claims she does, she learned from "Cruel Intentions" and then says "You want me to prove it, Lesbo?" and starts kissing Reed. Reed says "I barely felt that" and Wood pushes her down on the floor and makes out with her more intensely.

The movie overall is good but much like other movies I have seen, this is not one I would buy for the lesbian content. There is only one kissing scene, its good but too short. I am sure its just a way of getting people to buy the movie by advertising the lesbian content, which there barely is any in the movie anyways. Its a pretty good movie but dont buy it for the lesbian content.

Build-up  3 Kissing  4 Love scenes  Movie overall  5

I have to say first off I LOVED this film on the whole. I think it was a wonderful portrayal of some teens lives and it was extremely well done and acted. The two main characters not to mention their parents/gaurdians are played exceptionally well in my opinion. The camera work in this film is fantastic and in a few scenes i loved the way the camera subtly changed to black and white or the tones changed.

The film tells a lot of different stories and can be taken a number of ways. Nikki Reed (who also wrote the film, which is semi-autobiographical, when she was 13) plays her part convincingly. It tells the tale of two teenage girls who in trying to deal with gropwing up end up getting involved in a world filled with drugs, sex, and stealing.

The kiss between the girls filled me with pity for Nikki's character and really moved me. The film is more focused on Holly Hunter's character and her problems but for me Nikki's character is just as essential and her problems just as prominent. I would highly reccommend this film and I feel that it doesn't dissappoint in any areas. However, this film is not solely based around the lesbian scene so those who are looking for just a lesbian film may be better off trying something else. Also not very erotic but in a strange way it's quite romantic. The film also contains some scenes of graphic self harm and the taking of hard drugs. Definately not for the faint of heart.

Build-up  5 Kissing  5 Love scenes  Movie overall  5

Nikki Reed and Evan Rachel Wood are incredibly sexy in this film. There is so much underlying sexual tension between them that you cannot help but think that they will hook up at some point.

Evan Rachel Wood's character is a naive thirteen-year old who wants to hang out with the cool kids, Nikki Reed's character being one of them. Once she enters their world, however, she is thrown into a life of sex, drugs, and alcohol.

Nikki Reed sometimes sleeps over Evan Rachel Wood's house in the film. Sometimes Reed cuddles up to Wood while they are sleeping. One night when at Reed's house, she finds out Wood never kissed a boy before. Wood says she has and gives Reed a soft peck on the lips. Then the two girls end up on the floor french kissing. It is a nice kiss. This part is about halfway through the movie and the sexual tension is built up to it. Though nothing more than kissing happens, the sexual tension between the two is definitely seen.

Nikki Reed even kisses Holly Hunter's character, who is Wood's mom, on the lips in the movie. It is a quick kiss.

Overall, I would have to rate the lesbian content in this movie as more underlying than anything, but the kiss between Wood and Reed is worth seeing it at least once.

Build-up  2 Kissing  3 Love scenes  Movie overall  2

I saw this movie the weekend it premiered here. When I saw it I was totally blown away from the acting. Aside from the obvious (Holly Hunter), the girls were fabulous in their roles. Evan Rachel Wood captured the spirit of a girl that just wants to be accepted and noticed. Nikki Reed plays the bad girl that Wood wants to be friends with.

After a drastic change on Wood's part and a few awkward moments with Reed, they become friends. Sooner still, Reed manages to worm her way into moving in with Reed and her mom.

As I was watching the movie I noticed there was a lot of subtext between the two characters and the actresses as well. From the looks and their actions.

In one scene, after Reed sneaks off in the middle of the night and leaves Wood at her house, Wood goes and partakes in her secret habit of making shallow cuts on her wrists before sneaking back to her bed. Later that night, Reed comes back and gets back into bed with Wood. She moves in close and lays her arm on along Wood's side and gets up close behind her. That's when she notices the blood and she whispers into the sleeping Wood's ear 'I love you'.
So, yeah, I guess I think there were a lot of unresolved issues in this movie.
But I do like the ending because they didn't sugarcoat it.