Teenage Cavegirl


Erotic Movie (B)

(USA, 2004)

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Jezebelle Bond & Kennedy Johnston
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Plot: (from CD Universe)

A sexy B movie that gives more than a nod to the monster matinees of the past, TEENAGE CAVEGIRL is a hilarious, titillating romp shot partly in the Bronson Canyons, site of numerous vintage exploitation classics. Tahra, played by the beautiful Jezebelle Bond, and her Neanderthal paramour Tiko, accidentally wander through a time warp, ending up somewhere close to our present day.The flustered, baffled pair are constantly beset by modern citizens interested only in either copulating with the sexy, uncivilized couple, or in studying them to further their own nefarious pursuits. The untamed duo struggle to make it back to the land of the dinosaurs, encountering many provocative and raucous adventures along the way.