Stripper Wives


Erotic Movie (A)

(USA, 1999)

Average rating
Love scenes:5.0 
Movie overall:3.0 

Explicitness:  2

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Build-up  4 Kissing  2 Love scenes  5 Movie overall  3

A group of women are being taught how to strip. They have all different reasons for wanting to learn it. Some want to spice up their marriage, some do it just for fun and some want to become professional strippers. One of the girls (Amber Newman), who has a boyfriend, becomes fascinated by one of the other women, Kimberly Patton, a call-girl who wants to expand her skills. Newman wants her and Patton to do a duo-act for the final exam but Patton says no at first. Later on, Patton rethinks and they decide to start practicing for it. The theme for the act is to be cats. Patton will be the dominant cat who stalks Newman and finally have sex with her.

Amber Newman & Kimberly Patton

Prior to this scene, the two of them are practicing in Patton's appartment dressed up as cats. Patton is seductively following Newman around in the appartment. She catches her on the bed and strokes her but Newman manages to crawl down on the floor. She's very submissive though and lays herself on her back while Patton slowly closes in on her. Patton lays herself on top of Newman and begins to kiss her. Newman gets nervous and ends the act.
Patton follows Newman to the elevator when Newman is about to go home. The elevator is an old one with bars covering the top. Patton walks into the elevator and Newman still looks very nervous. Patton walks forward to her and says that this is something she has always dreamt about. Then she kisses her and this time, Newman doesn't back away. Patton slowly removes Newman's clothes, kisses her stomach and as the scene progresses, they get more and more excited. They push each other around in the elevator, lick each other's breasts very nicely, and Newman licks on top of Patton's panties. Finally they finger each other..

This movie was soo good! I wasn't expecting anything from it...just look at the title but I was pleasently surprised. The build-up to the love scene starts just at the beginning of the movie with Newman's fascination for Patton, her attempts to get near her, and the way she looks at her. The practicing scene just before the love scene was very good. The dominant cat chasing her innocent and submissive victim was extremely erotic to watch.
Finally, the love scene in the elevator could have included more...but I have seldomly seen such an erotic scene. There's no music, you can hear every breath they make and the sound when Patton slowly unzips Newman's pants.
I also really liked the way they got more and more first there's absolute silence in the elevator, then you can hear them breath a little bit more heavily, and at the end of the rather long scene, they're both moaning. Usually in love scenes..they show exaggerated lust right away even though they've hardly started touching each other.