Strike a Pose


Erotic Thriller

(USA, 1993)

Average rating
Love scenes:3.0 
Movie overall:1.0 

Explicitness:  4

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Build-up  3 Kissing  2 Love scenes  3 Movie overall  1

A cop shacks up with a fashion photographer. Beautiful girls get photographed. Oh, and there's a killer on the loose who needs to be stopped.

Tamara Landry & Jeanine Antoine

After a photoshoot, the photographers and the models leave the studio and go out to lunch. Well, make all but 2 models, Candy and Lana, who decide to stay behind because they are on a "diet." Well, it's a heck of a diet as they have each other for lunch.
As the last person walks out the door, these two are asked if they want to join the crew for lunch. They say no. One of them says that she's on a diet and they both start messing around as that last person leaves. The door shuts. By the time the camera gets back to the two, they are making out nicely. They strip down while kissing each others lips and necks and finally roll on the ground. The last we see of them is a nice kiss and one girl sucks on the other's fingers. (Meanwhile, there is a cop who arrives midscene to ask some questions. He knocks and no one answers and then sees the two girls through the window. He watches for a little while then decides to leave. As he leaves the building, he gets hit by a car.)

This starts off decently enough and has some promise. Unfortunately, though, this is a collage scene, meaning that they did a full scene but decided to only show it in small, choppy cuts (a la The Other Woman - cable version). The two girls are stunners (they are supposed to be models after all)-- one voluptuous brunette and one pretty blonde. Unfortunately, the choppy love scene combined with the scenes showing the cop observing part of the show make for little continuity.
I've heard of an unedited version out there that has the full scene (just like I had to find for The Other Woman). Amazon has it on used DVD. I want to get it but I don't know if anyone else has seen it and can comment on whether it's worth getting. The movie overall sucks but has good eyecandy - lots of nude photography and this lesbian scene.
If you can find the full version, the risk/reward ratio is pretty good. The scene might be excellent and could command better scores. We'll see.