Standing Still

Mainstream Movie

(USA, 2005)

Average rating
Love scenes:1.0 
Movie overall:3.0 

Explicitness:  1

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Build-up  2 Kissing  3 Love scenes  1 Movie overall  3

From IMDb: Standing Still is the story of a popular yet drunken actor who reconnects with a group of his college friends for a wedding several years after graduation.

Amy Adams & Lauren German

Amy Adams is showing Lauren German the room she will be staying in for the party. They sit on the end of the bed and there is a bit of an awkward silence. Then Amy Adams starts to say, "Look Jen, I just wanna..." before Lauren German leans over and kisses her on the lips. Amy Adams kisses her back and they both lie down on the bed together. Lauren German looks up and says "I miss this so much", hinting that the two have a history together. She then runs her hands over Amy Adams (who has some perky nipples in this scene) and kisses her stomach. Amy Adams says "I shouldn't be doing this" but Lauren German just says "I don't care", before Adams stops her in her tracks and the scene ends quickly.

The movie overall is quite entertaining for some light fun. The chemistry between her and Lauren German is great, even if it doesn't last for very long at all. There is also some flirtation and an off-camera sex scene between Lauren German's character and Mena Suvari's, but you only see little build-up scenes here and there before they cut to the both of them in bed (Suvari is a little freaked out by it all). That storyline would have been great if there was more shown, but it's still pretty cute to see the two flirt with each other before hooking up. The kissing might be brief but it's pretty passionate, and it's a bonus that the movie is OK as well.