Soul Survivors
(USA, 2001)
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A group of friends go out to party the last night before they all go off to college. After drinking at a strange club, they end up getting in a car wreck where the main character's boyfriend gets killed. After this the girl starts to be haunted by her dead boyfriend.

Eliza Dushku & Angela Featherstone

One night while studying in the library, main character hears a strange noise and goes to investigate. What she finds is her best friend (Dushku) and someone dressed as a guy (Featherstone), making out. She watches them for a minute until Dushku rips open Featherstone's shirt to reveal her breasts. The main character, startled, alerts them to her presence by dropping a book and running off.

Eliza Dushku & Angela Featherstone

Later in the movie, the main character goes to a strange night club looking for Dushku and finds her and Featherstone in a bathroom stall where it is implied that Featherstone just finished giving Dushku oral sex.

Pretty good movie. The first scene has a lot of tongue involved but it is shot from a distance. The second scene is barely worth mentioning because it doesn't really show anything, just Featherstone kneeling between Dushku's legs.

Build-up: 2   Kissing: 3   Love-scenes: 1   Movie overall: 4
This is a sci-fi/horror/suspense movie trying to be like a surprise-type ending movie about some teenagers who get into what seems to be a tragic car accident. The girl driving loses her boyfriend and her friends try to help her get over it. she starts trippin and seeing weird things like people chasing her and dead priests.
In the first scene, the girl hears a noise in the library while studying. She gets up and investigates only to be surprised by the sight of her best friend (Dushku) making out with a girl (Featherstone).
In the second scene, the girl finds Dushku in the bathroom at a club having just received oral from Featherstone.
I'm omitting the scene where the two girls shower together because it only creates frustration as opposed to being erotic. The movie itself as art is concerned is pretty good, but the lesbian content is limited and suffers the fate of many potentially good scenes in that these scenes are used to create a strangeness for the sake of the story. I rated the build-up a 2 because the main girls sort of sneaks up on her friend making out with the girl. Last note. Eliza Dushku really seems to be emblazoned with passion for the girl she was kissing.