(UK/USA, 2000)
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         Reviewer:  Richard Blay                       Correct/Add Info                Review this movie!

A young lawyer gets more than he bargains for while investigating his brother's mysterious death.

Kelly Brook, Fay Masterson & unknown

It is difficult to know where to begin with this, as the scene itself doesn't seem to know either. There is no real build up and to be honest it takes you completely by surprise. Even though there is no nudity or lip kissing the scene will raise more than an eyebrow if you are a Kelly Brook fan.
What can be made from the very short scene is semi-erotic and titillating more than anything graphic; nevertheless it is possible to see that only the editing spoils its potential eroticism.
The scene quickly cuts to emphasize the drug taking and overrides much of the Sapphic content by placing us in some kind of bizarre drug induced time warp. It begins with two girls undressing a doped up Brook quickly cutting to a fully clothed and sober Brook sitting down.
At this point you realize it was meant to be something different, perhaps longer with more of a build up between the three women. As for any kissing this is where it is difficult to explain the mechanics of the editing. At one point it looks as if the other girls are kissing Brook's chest as the camera slowly moves down to hands groping her knees only to be sent back to Brook fully clothed sitting down on the couch again. Anyone who checks the movie out will see exactly what I mean after approximately 18 minutes and 20 seconds into the film. (That's the last favor I do you all)

I can only assume the British film censors or the film editor or director might have decided that the original length was irrelevant to the context of the movie. This will explain the mish mash of visuals we are presented with.
The rest of the movie isn't much to look at unless you like nightclubs and loud techno dance music. But if you think it is worth seeing Kelly Brook being rubbed up by a couple of girls even if it is short and sweet, then fair enough. I doubt if you will see her do it anywhere else, although one can dream I suppose. If her current ticket to fame in Hollywood runs out she can always do softcore porn. If only we can find the bits of film that hit the cutting room floor. Now then, where to begin.