"Sex and the City"
episode: Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl
(USA, 2000)
               Category/Genre:   Mainstream TV-series   
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Story about rich girls living in Manhattan and their sex lives. Apparently a comedy.

Sarah Jessica Parker & Alanis Morissette

Sarah Jessica Parker goes to her boyfriend's friends appartment where they are having a game of spin the bottle. Whoever the bottle lands on has to kiss the next person it lands on. It lands on Sarah then the attractive Alanis Morisette. Sarah shrugs it off but Alanis is eager to kiss her so Alanis reluctantly leans over and kisses her on the mouth, then she has a fag and looks wierd.

Alanis was attractive, and it was good to see her eager but the way Sarah was so reluctant ruined it and the kiss itself was fairly pathetic. A ratings booster kiss.