Seduction of Innocence
(USA, 1995)
               Category/Genre:   Erotic Thriller   
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              Reviewer:  Niclas                      Correct/Add Info                Review this movie!

A girl travels with a friend (D. Elle Davis) to visit her big sister (Erika Palmer) who's living with her lesbian lover (Jade Stratford). Both Palmer and her lover are strippers and her little sister soon wants to start stripping also which is something that Palmer strongly is against. Elle Davis later on becomes interrested in Palmer. At the club, some money is stolen and all four girls get into severe problems.

Jade Stratford & D. Elle Davis

Stratford is an experienced stripper and in this scene she's teaching the innocent and shy Elle Davis some stripper-moves in the living-room but she also takes advantage of the situation by caressing her and she also tries to kiss her.

Erica Palmer & Jade Stratford

In this scene they've just gone to bed after having had a heated discussion. Palmer kisses Stratford.

Erica Palmer & D. Elle Davis

Palmer's girlfriend comes home and sees Palmer and Elle Davis making love on a bed. She leaves the house. Palmer licks Elle Davis' breasts and then they kiss and caress each other very nicely.

This movie was very good when the story centered around Palmer, her girlfriend and the two visiting girls but when the story was focused on the strip-club and the stolen money, it was not that good. If you have the strength to watch through the bad parts (or fast-forward now and then), you'll enjoy this one.