Saving Face


Mainstream Movie

(USA, 2004)

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Michelle Krusiec & Lynn Chen
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Plot: (from S.F. International Asian American Film Festival 2005)

Wilhelmina (Michelle Krusiec) is a successful young surgeon and a dutiful daughter, but also—to the chagrin of her 48-year-old widowed Ma (Joan Chen)—still single. During weekly socials in the tightly knit Chinese community of Flushing, Queens, Ma and her chatty cronies nudge eligible bachelors toward Wil, but her eyes are fixed instead on a gorgeous young woman, Vivian (Lynn Chen), who smiles back. One fortuitous encounter, some stammering and a few clumsily romantic (and steamy) moments later, Wil finds herself in love with Vivian, yet unable to come out to her own mother. Things take an unexpected turn, however, when it's Ma who suddenly shows up at Wil's doorstep pregnant, unwilling to name the father and disowned by her own parents. Now mother and daughter must both decide whether to continue "saving face," at the expense of their hearts.