Salige er de som tørster
(Norway, 1997)
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Criminal investigator Kjersti Elvik tries to catch a serial killer in Olso, the capital of Norway.

Kjersti Elvik & Andrine Sæther

Elvik, who's a lesbian is having dinner with her girlfriend Andrine Sæther in their appartment. Afterwards, in very short sequences (the scene is continuosly switched to two other scenes), you can see them first kissing and later on caressing each other lightly. The scene ends with them laying closely together in the bed.

I wish the love-scene would have been much longer because it had potential and I obviously wish it hadn't been switched to two other scenes, one which was an awful rape-scene. I guess the director wanted to create an effect by switching forth and back between two love-scenes and a horrible rape.