(Spain/France/Germany, 1981)
          Category/Genre:   European 1970's/1980's   
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A newly wed couple is driving their car in the countryside somewhere in Spain (?). They are stoped by a group of people and are brought to a prison office. The female warden explains that they have trespassed the prison area. The wife is imprisoned but the husband is released (!!). Don't ask me why..maybe it's because the prison is a womens prison and there's no male prison anywhere near..:) The movie has the usual characters for this type of movie.. lesbian wardens, lesbian inmates, lesbian wife of the governor, lesbian anything..

Ursula Buchfellner & Gina Janssen

Buchfellner, a young inmate, is sent to the governor's villa. Once she gets there, she's taken to the governor's and his wife's (Janssen) bedroom. At the same time, downstairs, the governor says to his wife to go and greet her, he'll join them later.
Janssen go upstairs and soon begins to undress the shy Buchfellner. She then tells her to lay down on the bed. Buchfellner, who doesn't know the Governor will join them shortly, is very scared at first, thinking the governor will be mad if he finds out. Janssen calms her by explaining that he's very understanding. Buchfellner relaxes and Janssen, still dressed, first softly kisses her breasts and legs and then it's implied she goes down on her.
The governor shows up after a while but it's soon clear that he has a problem with his "thing". He gets really angry at himself and screams to his wife that it's better she has sex with the girl because he will never be able to please her. He runs out of the room and the wife starts to cry. Buchfellner who's still laying on the bed says with a soft voice: "Come here, understand..Can't you see I want you?". Janssen lets her dress fall down to the floor and joins Buchfellner on the bed..
The next day Buchfellner wakes up by Janssen softly kissing her breasts.

Tania Sandoval & Uta Koepke

Sandoval and Koepke (the newly wed woman) is laying in their beds in the prison cell and Koepke is worried about her friend, a young innocent girl, who was sent away to the governor's villa (see scene #1). Sandoval calms her and says that she doesn't need to worry, her friend will treated nice, she will be served dinner and then "be eaten by his lovely wife".
Sandoval moves over to Koepke's bed to "comfort" her. Koepke is a little bit hesitant at first but eventually they begin kissing each other very nicely. Sandoval licks her breasts and then she removes her jeans-shorts (everyone in this prison wear jeans-shorts and no bra, even when they do their work in the quarrel). After they've kissed again and Sandoval has layed herself ontop of Koepke, the scene ends.

Gina Janssen & unknown

Later on in the movie, another inmate has spent the night with the governor's wife and in this scene, she's just waken up and Janssen kisses her.

This is a classic Jess Franco women-in-prison movie. Jess Franco is the master of Euro sleaze movies. Allthough the movie has some tender lesbian love scenes, I must warn everyone who plan to see this movie. It has also some EXTREMELY disturbing and strong scenes. I'm pretty sure this one is banned (or heavily cut if available) in the USA. I got my copy from Belgium where they release just about everything.