Red Heat
a.k.a. Red Heat - Unschuld hinter Gittern


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(USA/West Germany, 1985)

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in lesbian scenes:

Linda Blair, Sylvia Kristel &
Elisabeth Volkmann
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Plot: (from IMDb)

An American woman (Linda Blair) visiting her fiancée in West Germany is caught up with a defecting spy and captured by those in the East. After brutal interrogation she is placed in a prison along with sadistic guards and in-mates. As she tries to survive in a world of deprivation and rape, her fiancée fights his own bureaucracy in an attempt to find her.

Lesbian content:

There are all the usual lesbian ingredients which make up a good women-in-prison film..
An interesting thing is that we have two actresses in this movie who are no strangers to lesbian sex in their private lives as well: Linda Blair, who has had sex with Jennifer Lee according to Jennifer's autobiography "Tarnished Angel", and Sylvia Kristel, who after having played the bisexual Emmanuelle in a number of movies, became curious about women, tried it and swore off men, saying she preferred women in bed. I wonder how common this is, that an actress after having done a lesbian scene becomes curious and wants to try it in real-life. Hopefully, it happens all the time..